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Sessions are designed to fit into your team's busy workday. Sessions last between twenty-five minutes to one hour, depending on your available time. (Longer sessions can be arranged.)

Sessions are held at your place of work, at a time convenient to you.


Please Note: You will not be asked to make any physical changes to your company or change the structure of your company. This is not about telling you how to change the way your company operates, or how to run your business.

Paul helps with mental well-being rather than physical. Sessions are designed for your team to see things that stress them more calmly. Sessions are best described as a professional, calm, conversation or talk that gives powerful, long-lasting results as soon as the information is put into practice.


In between sessions, your employees can receive online support concerning any problems they might have implementing what has been discussed at the previous session, at no cost to them or your company. The online support allows them to ask questions, voice concerns and receive direct replies from Paul Clarke. This help, runs all year round. 



Clients pay for results, not for Paul's time. This works and always works. Companies with good staff well-being, get a happier workforce and better performance. If your employees find no difference in how they think about their workdays, there is no charge. (This does not include any travel expenses. Please see T & C.)


How Many Sessions?


One session every month or every two months that you can cancel at any time.


£250-£500 per session. Receipted travel costs may be added for areas beyond Tyne and Wear.


Number of Participants

Singles, or groups of five and ten. However, there is no maximum limit. Up to six groups of ten at anyone time are classed as one session. More than six groups is classed as two sessions. Please ask for details.

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