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3D Avatar Agent & Chat Box

Our 3D Avatar Chat Agents work great, just on their own, but they work best when you add a chat box to them so that they can interact with your site visitors. With a 3D Chat Agent plus a Chat Box, you will automatically be able to ask questions and gather information about them.

A 3D Chat Agent is the first port of call if a customer has any questions or wants to contact you. Your avatar can direct them to the chat box so that they can start communicating with you.

With a 3D Chat Agent connected to a Chat Box, as well as answering questions, they can ask for the visitor's name and contact details. You can give them your work hours and ask for a convenient time that you can contact them. You can inform them of your company's past successes and show photos in your chat box and anything else that helps to inform them.

Our 3D Avatar Chat Agent's task is to be informative and fun. The advanced chat box allows you to encourage the visitor to take action and build a professional relationship with them. We take it seriously to get you the best results as well as save you time and money without the need for extra staff or annoying bots.
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