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We Set Everything Up For You

How It All Works

1) You contact us, best through email (phone number available).

2) We reply with a small questionnaire.

3) You give us some details of your business type and what you are looking for. How advanced do you need your chat box to be? etc.

4) We create your 3D or Human Avatar and Chat box to match your business model and look. We do all the technical stuff.

5) You receive a link for your Avatar to see how it will look and work on your site.

6) If you need things changed, we will do so.

7) When you are happy, we supply you with a small bit of code that you place on your website. (No technical skills are needed, it is as simple as click and paste. We are here to help at any time.) And everything will be up and running for you.

8) You can use your 3D Avatar Chat Agent or Human Avatar Assistant on as many pages as you wish.

9) You receive a CSV Feed to read data for your campaigns.

10)  3D Avatar clients can have ONE FREE update per week, which we do for you. Human Avatar Assistant clients receive TWO FREE updates per week.  Extra weekly updates are priced at £10/$12 per update. (Updates are available if you wish to change the avatar or chat box script).

11) It should take no more than 1-3 days from start to finish. We keep you informed all the way through until delivery.

12) We do all the background maintenance.

13) You can cancel at any time. This is a Pay As You Go service. You are under no contract.

14) We are here to help you. As a family business, you will not just be one of the crowd. We are only a phone call or email away from all our clients.

15) We are dedicated to your success.

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